Zacatecas is a radiant city that preserves in its nature the most important mining wealth in the world. It is a place that overcomes any expectation and must be admired from the outside as well as from the inside. To witness this it is necessary to visit Mina el Edén. Its history begins approximately 40 years after the foundation of the city in 1546.

The most important time of the mine was during the XVII and XVIII centuries when production was mainly based in silver and gold.

Given the floods in its shafts and how close it is to the city, in 1960 the exploitation of the mine ended, a little after it was adapted for tourism, being the most visited mine in the country by national and foreign tourists. Mina el Edén as it is, opened its doors on January 1st in 1975 offering a tour inside of it.

According to the new century , Mina el Edén was totally improved in 2004 concluding on march 2005. With an amazing artistic and museum work by the internationally recognized artist Alfonso López Monreal, the Grupo Corporativo Fresnillo  S.A. de C.V. enterprise delivers this tourist center with first level services to the world  for it to be known and enjoyed.
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